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International Journal of Costume and Fashion - Vol. 21 , No. 1

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International Journal of Costume and Fashion - Vol. 21, No. 1, pp.54-66
Abbreviation: IJCF
ISSN: 2233-9051 (Print) 2288-7490 (Online)
Print publication date 30 Jun 2021
Received 27 Apr 2021 Revised 27 May 2021 Accepted 17 Jun 2021

Online Instructional Material for Computer Aided Garment Pattern Making Training in Colleges: A Case Study of Zimbabwe
Mupfumbati Linet ; Chuma Chipo ; Chimbindi Felisia
Teaching Assistant, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe
Senior Lecturer, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe
Senior Lecturer, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

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Citation Linet, M., Chipo, C., & Felisia, C. (2021). Online instructional material for computer aided garment pattern making training in colleges: A case study of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Costume and Fashion, 21(1), 54-66.


The purpose of this study was to develop an online instructional material for computer aided (CAD) pattern making training in Zimbabwe Polytechnics. The study adopted an experimental design to develop the material. The study identified that CorelDraw; open access software, can be used for the development of basic block patterns. Through a screencast-o-matric tool and VSDC Video Editor, a screen cast was developed to show the progression of size 12 straight skirt block development on the computer screen. The instructional material was tested to thirty Fashion Design students and five pattern making instructors. Findings from the test suggest that majority of the students were able to follow step by step screen casts to develop the skirt block. It was concluded that screen-castscan serve as instructional materials to expose student to CADpattern making and can help instructors change face to face instruction from tradition demonstration lectures to more constructivist learning practices in practically based disciplines like Fashion Design. The authors argue that this study can assist instructors, who have challenges of acquiring subject specific educational software, with instructions on how to make instructional materials like screen casts for teaching CAD concept susing affordable and alternative software such as CorelDraw.

Keywords: Pattern making, Computer aided design, Online-based teaching and learning, Instructional materials

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